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    Summerfield & Co offers a range of property surveys, catering to clients in Salisbury and the surrounding area. Our surveyors are fully qualified and accredited by RICS and RPSA.

    We provide a bespoke service, working with you to choose the perfect survey for your prospective property. We offer three categories of the survey:

    1. Home Condition Survey (RICS Level 1)
    2. Homebuyers Survey (RICS Level 2)
    3. Building Survey (RICS Level 3)

    The survey we suggest will depend on when the property was built, its general state, and whether any major modifications have been made since the initial construction. 

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    All About The Home Buyers Survey Process From Summerfield & Co

    Following initial contact, we will review the property to ensure a Home Buyers Survey is right for you. We will then arrange an inspection.

    Typically, surveys are completed during the morning, with general findings discussed with you on the same day. Guidance from RPSA stipulates surveys be full and thorough – something we take very seriously.

    During every inspection, we operate all windows, doors, bathroom and kitchen fittings and central heating. All our surveyors are fully qualified and accredited by RICS and RPSA.

    The process is non-invasive, and all areas typically opened or used by occupants will be inspected. The surveyor will not lift floorboards or examine the area behind the walls. While on the property, we will take a minimum of 20 pictures.

    Following our visit, you will receive a report highlighting potential issues. We may recommend maintenance repairs. We will also allocate a Condition Rating to your property, ranging from Condition 1 to Condition 3.

    Why Choose Summerfield & Co

    Ian is a member of the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA), the leading industry specialist in reporting on the condition of residential properties on behalf of home buyers. He uses the reporting software developed by the Assocation (designed by Surveyors for Surveyors), that provides a jargon-free report, with multiple photographs and diagrams to help you understand your home. A full debrief is provided on the day of the survey and a report provided within 5 days.
    rosemary burr
    rosemary burr
    18. September, 2021.
    Efficient friendly service with good follow up calls. Recommended.
    David Angers
    David Angers
    17. September, 2021.
    Ian was a pleasure to work with and very accommodating of our specific survey needs, especially at the last minute when we’d been let down. The report was thorough and detailed, while still very easy to read and understand for a lay person. Wouldn’t hesitate to engage again.
    The Grants
    The Grants
    13. September, 2021.
    Very professional and detailed survey. Ian was extremely helpful and completed the survey at short notice for us. Would highly recommend. Evelyn and Jim Bayliss.
    Colin Phillips
    Colin Phillips
    27. August, 2021.
    Ian carried out a Homebuyers survey for us and we were very impressed with his work. He provided us with a very thorough and detailed survey which pointed out all issues that needed to be addressed. He was also happy to discuss any aspects of the survey where we needed more detail. Very happy to recommend his services
    Jean Brealey
    Jean Brealey
    29. July, 2021.
    I found Ian to be extremely professional, he was totally reliable did a thorough survey, talked me through key points and sent a beautifully presented hard copy including photographs. I feel I can call on him for more information and help if needed.What a good choice I made!

    Issues Identified During Home Buyers Survey Inspection

    During an inspection, we may detect the following issues that need to be addressed in the property:


    Damp is often detected during surveys, particularly in older properties. Untreated damp may cause deterioration of plaster, brick and the rotting of wood, resulting in structural damage to the property. The presence of damp may also cause respiratory problems and exacerbate allergies.

    No smoke or carbon monoxide alarms

    Some properties lack smoke or carbon monoxide alarms. If these alarms are missing, residents of the property may be vulnerable to accidents relating to fires and gas leaks.

    Issues connected to the roof of the house

    A Home Buyers Survey may also detect issues connected with the roof of the property. Gutters, for example, maybe blocked or overflowing. If left unaddressed this may lead to foundation damage, structural issues and the formation of mould and mildew.


    Subsidence occurs when the ground beneath a property shifts downwards due to a variation in soil content. Subsidence must be treated by addressing the underlying cause, which often involves removing vegetation or repairing damaged pipes. If ignored or undetected, subsidence can be extremely expensive to treat.

    Quick Turnaround Time For Home Buyers Survey

    Contact us now, and we’ll arrange a call back within 24 hours to discuss your prospective property. We’ll discuss general findings with you on the day of the inspection and send a comprehensive, jargon free final report within five working days!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Home Buyers Survey (FAQs)

    RICS (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) provides comprehensive, unbiased frameworks by which to assess properties and identify potential issues. There are three categories of reports.

    A Home Buyers Survey is a Level 2 report and is usually deemed suitable for surveying conventional properties in reasonable condition. By completing a Home Buyers Survey we can identify possible legal issues, hazards and urgent defects – potentially saving you a lot of money!

    If the property was built before 1900, or has undergone significant extension or alteration, a Homebuyers Report may not be sufficient to detect potential legal issues, hazards or urgent faults.

    In such cases, Summerfield and Co recommend the completion of a Building Survey (RICS Level 3). This is the most detailed home survey and provides comprehensive advice in regard to hidden defects and the estimated lifespan of key elements.

    We may recommend repairs and identify long-term problems. We also offer a Home Condition Survey (RICS Level 1). This is our most basic survey, and is perfect for newer builds in good condition.

    We think so!


    Completing a Home Buyers Survey is not a prerequisite when buying a property, but it could save you a fortune, and ensure the safety of the property’s occupants. The outcome of the report may influence how you approach discussions with the seller of the property.


    You may decide to opt-out of the sale altogether, negotiate a lower price, or request that issues are addressed before you purchase the property.